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The following is SAAA's weather policy regarding the use of fields by SAAA coaches, players, and parents. Use of the fields for organized activities in periods of significant weather events or when the fields are closed may result in sanctions against the violating team, parent, coach, and/or players.  The policy is for the protection and safety of SAAA players, coaches and families.  

This policy applies only to SAAA fields. If you have a game scheduled at another park (i.e., Brooks, Fayette, Tyrone, Griffin, etc.) please check with the visiting parks website for information about field closures.  SAAA will attempt to notify head coaches through the Remind messaging group text or individually of any closures of other parks in which a SAAA team is scheduled to play.  


Fields (including MPF fields) and Cages SHALL
 be closed if ANY of the following occurs:

1.  A thunderstorm warning or watch is issued for the area. 
2.  A tornado warning or watch is issued for the area.
3.  When the forecasted t
emperature (wind chill/feels like) is below 40 degrees  or there is a winter weather advisory.  Use of fields is permitted when temperature warms to over 40 degrees. 
4.  Lightning is seen from the fields. If lightning is seen, all players must leave the field for approximately 30 minutes.  
5.  If Coweta County Board of Education closes schools due to weather. 
6. If the forecasted temperature (heat index/feels like) exceeds 104 degrees. Use of the fields is permitted once temperatures drop below 104 degrees. 

All Fields MAY be closed if the following conditions occur.  Parents, Coaches and Players are strongly advised to check with their coach, the SAAA Facebook page, and/or email if a high chance of heavy precipitation is forecasted to occur during the SAAA's participation hours, has occurred in Senoia or surrounding area, or is occurring an hour prior to scheduled activity:

1.  Excessive amounts of standing water on the field in multiple locations or a single location and if the board determines that the field presents in an unplayable condition. 
2. If permitting the use of the fields would cause significant damage that could not be reasonable prepared prior to the next scheduled game based on availability of volunteers. 
3. There is a greater than 75% chance of rain that is forecasted to occur during normal SAAA participation hours (5:00 to 9:00 PM weekdays) and (8:00 AM through 8:00 PM weekends) and is expected to last more than a hour, or, if not continuous, then multiple bands of precipitation over the course of several consecutive participation hours, or if the forecasts indicates more than half inch of precipitation over a 3-hour period.  The fields may be closed regardless of precipitation occurring

There is no use of the infield (dirt area of any field), but the outfield and MPF fields may be used if: 

1. There is standing water on the infield at any location.  For example, players and teams are not permitted to use the left side of the infield if there is standing water at first base only.  Teams must remain off of the dirt.  Violations of this exception will cause any standing water on the field to result in fields being closed.  
The is no use of batting cages if there is standing water in the cage.  


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